Advancing Solutions for Oral-Systemic Health

  • Xerostomia
  • Cariosity
  • Oral Lesions
  • Mucositis


Prisyna is an Oral Health company built from the ground up to support and optimize the practice of Oral Medicine- and what is now the next generation of Oral-Systemic Health. A pioneer in the emerging science Glycomics technology, Prisyna is introducing breakthrough solutions aimed at bridging the gap between dental, oral and primary care.


Through the use of a breakthrough, proprietary glycomics technology, natural materials are integrated with innovative polysaccharides to create soothing rinses for the mouth that support a healthy oral cavity.



Synedent Soothing, fresh mouth cleanser that promotes healthy gums and teeth without the pain or burning caused by harsh chemicals or alcohol.

Synedent FLX has all the benefits of Synedent, plus the addition of fluoride to prevent cavities. A mild peppermint flavor keeps breath fresh.

Synedent and Synedent FLX can be purchased online at or from participating dentists. Ask your dentist today if the Synedent family of products may be right for you.

Moisyn is specially formulated to relieve the symptoms of dry mouth using advanced lubricants to protect and hydrate dry, irritated oral tissues. These components can also loosen stick, dry mucus and help moisten oral surfaces.

Prisyna’s advanced, alcohol-free products are also being developed to provide soothing oral coatings for radiation or chemotherapy patients suffering from oral mucositis to provide long-lasting relief of pain from sores and inflammation.

Synedgen is committed to building the leading portfolio of oral-health products based on our new innovative technology. We are currently seeking significant distribution or co-branding partners to expand the scope and scale of the Prisyna Oral Care platform.

Please contact our corporate headquarters to inquire how we may work together.